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Mono Stringer Stairs

Mono Stringer Stairs are also known as straight single stringer staircases, and they have a strong centre beam that allows them to support up to 300 pounds per stair. The treads and risers from the landing to the following level are carried by the vertical boards on the exterior edges. Of all the stair types, mono stringer stairs have the appearance of being the most open.
  • Highly versatile stairs that can be made in almost any configuration: Straight-line, L-shaped, U-shaped, Geometric winder treads or combined with curved stairs or spiral stairs.
  • Extremely rigid and strong while displaying an open look.
  • A great compliment to modern and contemporary designs.
  • Inexpensive staircases.
  • Can have repair costs and potential liability which can outweigh the lower installation price.
  • Not a good choice for longer distance spans.

Mono Stringer Stairs Cost

The cost of building and installing a mono stringer staircase can vary from project to project.

The price of new mono stringer stairs will vary depending on a number of elements, such as their size and complexity, the materials they are made of, and the labour costs associated with their installation.

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Mono Stringer Stairs Details

A good reason to buy monostringer stairs is due to their sleek, modern design, which provides a minimalist aesthetic. They also typically offer greater stability and support compared to traditional staircase designs, making them a good choice for individuals who prioritize safety and durability in their home design choices. Additionally, monostringer stairs are often easier to install and can take up less space, making them a popular choice for those who have limited space in their homes.

  • Completed on time and on budget
  • High Quality Products and Materials

Mono Stringer Stair Treads

Treads on monostringer stairs refer to the flat horizontal surfaces that serve as the stepping surface of the staircase. In the context of monostringer stairs, the treads are typically attached to the single stringer (or support beam) that runs along one side of the staircase. The treads provide a stable and secure surface for individuals to step on as they move up and down the staircase. The shape, size, and material of the treads can vary depending on the design of the staircase and the personal preferences of the individual who is purchasing the stairs.

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